Bull Elephant's  Beard Balms

Like beard oils a Beard Balm is a conditioning and styling product. Typically these are meant to be used with as well as in place of regular beard oils. Balms are characterized by having the consistency of a paste or a wax. Choosing between an oil and a balm comes down to mostly personal preference. That being said there are benefits to balms over oils. For shorter beards balms can help ensure your skin and beard hair are more comprehensively conditioned. Longer beards benefit from balms as they help reduce frizziness and aid in training your hair to lay more uniformly.

We recommend our balms to anyone who prefers a more robust beard product that is much easier to control or someone who values serious conditioning with no compromises.

Styling Balm

Our original balm not only will help style your beard on first application but it will work to keep that style with a blend of Beeswax, Shea and Cocoa butter, and our signature blend of oils. Mildly scented with the natural aromas of the beeswax and cocoa butter this product will fit in with almost any daily routine.

Moisturizing Balm

This balm hosts a wide variety of benefits. Its easy to handle and contains no greasy fillers. Made from a mixture of Coconut, Babassu oils and Shea butter it will nourish your skin and hair. Also scented with our own blend of essential oils its both soothing and supple. Notes of peppermint and coffee with an earthy tone will satisfy your hair and nose.