Bull Elephant's  Light Oils

Our Light Oil is designed to be exactly that, light in feel and thickness. Comprised mostly of Argan and Avocado oils these products spread through your hair easily and absorb quickly. This is done without sacrificing the real conditioning that makes a beard look great. We add to that a little bit of Vitamin E to really ensure no follicle is left dry or scraggly. You get great conditioning and nourishment with minimal residue.

We recommend the Light Oils to anyone with a shorter beard or someone who prefers a product with minimal impact that still delivers.

Original Light Oil

This is the oil that started it all. This oil is made to live up to it's name. Not only is the formula light in your hands the aroma is light and fresh as well. The scent goes great on its own as well a compliment to the fragrances you normally wear.

Light Roast Oil

The next round of Light Oils is here. Our Roast is warm and fulfilling using coffee essential oil as well as a touch of tobacco. While the fragrance is full-bodied it stays true to what you can expect from a light beard oil.