Bull Elephant's  Heavy Oils

The Heavy Oil is a real heavy hitter. Containing Apricot Kernel and Vitamin E oils as well as Castor and Argan these products will nourish and moisturize while also offering protection against sunlight and wind. Thick and hearty this beard oil is designed to soak in to your beard and skin to nourish. At the same time it will sit on top and provide a layer of protection to ensure your follicles will have ample time to absorb these rich ingredients.

We recommend the Heavy Oils to anyone with a long/thick beard or someone who spends a lot of their time exposed to the elements

Original Heavy Oil

This beard oil, while easy to handle is thick and hearty to help retain moisture and give your hair a soft sheen. Warm and refreshingly scented with hints of tobacco, clove and your grandad’s woodshop.

Heavy Leather Oil

The Leather variant of this beard oil packs the same benefits as the original with a new woodsy leather aroma. The scent is noble and refined yet versatile, this version of our Heavy Oil will leave your hair soft and satisfied.